About Us

The goal of The Cheer Blog is to help create better and safer cheerleading coaches. We started The Cheer Blog to help combat the challenges associated with coaching cheerleading, including safety, skill building, and team management.

We hope to provide tips, tricks, tutorials, and personal experiences to help coaches of all levels improve their coaching. Over time, we hope to build a community of coaches from all levels of experience to share with and learn from each other.

Do you have an experience to share? Question about technique? A topic you’d like us to address? Please send us questions and comments at support@thecheerblog.com.

About the Staff

Jen Huppe

Hi, I’m Jen. I began my cheerleading career 15 years ago, when I walked into my high school’s freshman cheerleading tryouts. I knew very little about what I was getting into, but I soon fell in love with stunting, learning cheers, and spreading school spirit. Soon after, I joined a premier all star gym and eventually cheered at the University of Virginia.

I’ve been coaching collegiate cheerleading for the past 4 years – first at San Francisco State University and then at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. My favorite part of coaching at the college level is watching the students grow into adults and helping them to develop as leaders. Cheerleading helped me grow into the leader I am today, so I love passing that gift forward.

Zachary Cohen

LibHi, I’m Zack, and I’ve been cheerleading or coaching cheerleading for over 19 years. I started as a freshman in high school and continued through college. Since graduation I’ve competed with several different teams across the country competing in Level 6 All Star.

I’ve been coaching since 2004 in at least some capacity. I’ve worked with high school, college and all star programs. Most recently, I’ve been working with San Francisco State University’s Cheerleading team. In my five years with them we have taken a team that didn’t compete, and barely appeared at school events and brought them to national competition at USA and NCA, finishing as high as second in USA 2014 Collegiate Nationals.

My favorite part of cheerleading is teaching new skills and working on perfecting existing skills. I’m constantly hoping to learn new and improved techniques for stunting, tumbling, and crowd engagement. Being part of this project is a natural fit for my interests.