The Science of Cheerleading

The Science of Cheerleading produced by Science Cheerleader.

Jen recently recommended the book “The Science of Cheerleading” to me. I’ve been known to pull out crazy terms like center of gravity and deceleration zone when coaching my teams. This book seemed right up my ally.

This book was interesting enough for me to finish it. You have to really want to, and I’m not sure how much it will help your cheerleading.

While the book does cover some cheerleading and science, the connection between the topics is mostly stretched. It doesn’t feel like cheerleading is the main point of the book. The main point of the book is to talk about science and there is a little bit of cheerleading thrown in at certain points.

There are nice videos from cheerleaders who are in the science field, but most of them talk very little about how cheerleading has helped them with science or how science has helped them with cheerleading.

Still, if you are a cheerleader and have never taken a physics class, this book might be helpful for you. If you haven’t taken physics and are in a program I’m teaching, this book will make a lot of the things I say make more sense.

Also, if you are cheerleader who is interested in science, this is a great book for that. It is a great basic intro into physics, but you will be left in a place where you need to do further research into certain topics like moment of inertia.

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