Cool, Cool, Sweet, Sweet

This is not one that I came up with. Right before my senior year of high school (yes, that is me going into my senior year on the left) we had camp counselors come in from Cheerleaders Of America (COA) to run our summer camp. It was a great experience and they taught me a couple of techniques that I still use to to this day, one of which I hope to share with you today.

We had two counselors, Brian and Natasha. I know Brian was with Ohio State, but I’m not sure about Natasha. They brought the team together and said very simply, when we say “Cool, Cool”, you say “Sweet, Sweet”. They tried a couple of times, encouraging us to be louder and louder with it. I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time I use loved saying “Sweet.”

Flash forward to my coaching career, and it is one of my keys to grabbing the attention the team I’m working with. It’s I call an attention grabber. The notion is that give the team a cue to know to listen to you. You can tell who is paying attention and it shows the rest of the team at least some people are paying attention and they probably should to.

You don’t have to use “Cool, Cool, Sweet, Sweet” as your attention grabber. You can come up with one for your school or gym that better relates to your team, but having one is helpful. Start out by getting the team together to practice it a couple of times and then use at least a couple of times in the first practice you introduce it. You don’t want to over use it, but you don’t want to use it enough to keep it fresh in your students minds.

If you have an attention grabber already, what do you use? If you made one up because of this post, please share it.

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